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Holy Chinsauce! Is Monica Lewinsky Still In Love With Bill Clinton? 11.Mar.2011

Seems like yesterday to some folksHow could that be? I mean, was she ever "in love" with him? And how could she be? All she did was blow him ... and that cigar thing. But it's not like they had an actual relationship. They just f**ked around. And I think that when the dust settled, Monica definitely got the shit end of the stick. Everybody else just went on with their lives while hers was just destroyed.

You'd think she'd put it all behind her and rebuild her life, but according to the Enquirer Monica is still "pining for" Slick Willie, and that's why she's never married or had children. Of course they also point out that she actually looked pretty good the last time she was sighted, having lost some weight, and that she was even in the company of a male companion. Way to go, Enquirer. Girl finally gets a date and you had to drag all her old baggage out again. It's been 15 years, man. Leave the girl alone already.