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Amanda Bynes Quits Acting?! 21.Jun.2010

Amanda BynesAmerica has lost one of its greatest talents. Not really but actually she was pretty good and actually funny which is rare for a teen star. Perhaps she is just burned out after starting so young on the TV show All That followed by The Amanda Show. She managed to transition into those awkward teenage years (mostly because she had ridiculously long legs) with the surprisingly funny What I Like About You followed by a slew of pretty entertaining teen films (She's the Man, What a Girl Wants, Hairspray). She even has the new film Easy A coming out which is already getting a ton of buzz. Amanda announced her departure from acting on Twitter of course (where she usually spends her days writing obscure quotes) saying it just doesn't make her happy anymore. As for future plans she did mention that she had never written the parts she had played so maybe she will become a writer? I mean let's face it Amanda. You don't have a college degree like Natalie Portman who is probably smart enough that if she decided to could become a doctor tomorrow. You will just have to figure out what a girl wants.