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Paulina Rocks! Says Heidi Franken-tits Is Like Cheap Plastic Pool Float 22.Apr.2010

Paulina back in the dayPaulina is cooler than cool. One of the biggest supermodels of the 80s, Paulina married Ric Ocasek, lead singer of The Cars, one of the biggest bands of the time. They're still happily married. She's in her 40s now and still naturally stunning and apparently has no tolerance for those women (young and old) who've chosen to go under the knife to improve their appearance. She saved her best for Plastic Heidi, calling her a "cheap plastic pool float". Ouch! tee hee

She was no kinder when talking about Granny Gristle herself, the Mighty Madge. Paulina says Madonna went from a cute, kinda hairy Italian chick to a "cool Nordic blond ... who cannot frown." She even threw her two cents' worth in about Kate Hudson and her alleged mini-boob job, saying it made her look like just another California blond. That one's kinda iffy - Kate is a California blond, but whatever. The point was still made, and made well.