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Long John Edwards Sex Tape Really Real, Will Go To Highest Bidder If Restraining Order Is Blocked 31.Jan.2010

Million dollar baby: She has his eyesHow arrogant, how stupid John Edwards must be. All the blood must have left his brain and stayed in his allegedly supersized ho-poker. I mean, really. If you are a public figure and you absolutely, positively have to make that sex tape, don't show your face. Unless, of course, you believe you're above the law.

The long-rumored sex tape is getting closer and closer - can't you just smell it? What I'm wondering is why Rielle Hunter waited until now to file her restraining order. Did she not know the tape existed? Or is she in cahoots with Andy Young to maximize the publicity? Anything's possible with this bunch. What bugs me most about this whole sordid mess is the timing: Elizabeth Edwards is dying from cancer. You classless parasites couldn't wait a little longer to drag this shit out from under a rock?

Mrs. Edwards, for her part, is the only one with any class. Sources say she even bought little Frances Christmas presents - it's unclear whether she did that before or after she threatened suicide and booted her hopelessly licentious husband from the marital residence. I wonder about that timing, too. What the hell took her so long?