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Friends Again Or Just Business? Firecrotch And Greasy Bear Reunite In Bathroom Over Bumps 17.Nov.2009

That wasn't me ... I don't thinkSee? Drugs really do bring people together. You can call someone the worst names in the book, ridicule and humiliate them, yet they always come back ... if you've got what they want.

Lindsay and Brandon Davis are no strangers. Just last year they hated each other, and with good cause, at least on her end. Remember Greasy's Firecrotch freckle rant with Wonky giggling alongside? Lindsay was furious, but Brandon offered no apologies. He knew she'd be back.

x17 Online grabbed some film of Brandon snorting coke off the back of his hand (see it here at Celeb Newswire) in what looks to be a men's restroom, and who was wandering around in the background? Why, it was Lindsay of course, and even though you never see her whole face, there's no doubt it's her. The little coke hag took to her Twitter to deny it, but nobody's fooled. I wonder if her probation officer has heard about this yet.