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Jon To Kate: If I Can't Whore Out My Kids, No One Can! Now They're Both Jobless 01.Oct.2009

Buy now! Or we'll be homeless ...Aw, he's just pissed because Kate didn't fall for his reconciliation ploy. No one did. Dumbass just woke up and realized that the show is going on without him - something he never imagined could happen - and now he's trying to f**k it up for everyone. TLC has already suspended production, apparently giving the Gosselins a chance to work it out privately. Jon's lawyer must have gone to the same school he did, though, because he's making noise about proper compensation for all the kids over the years. If their divorce turns into the legal free-for-all it promises to be, they'll be dropped like a dirty diaper. And then they'll both be jobless and unable to support their family. But the lawyers will be sure to get paid.

The whole thing started when TLC finally grew a pair and fired Jon, citing his unacceptable behavior. He made a weak attempt at being nice by saying he wanted to get back together with Kate. When that didn't work, he simply banned TLC's camera crews from the marital property, claiming concern about his children's continued exploitation by all those people who won't return his calls anymore. Now that he's shown his true colors, I think it's safe to say he'll never work in this town again. Kate should settle, buy him out, bury him out back ... whatever, just cut her losses and move on. He'll be living in his mother's basement in six months anyway.