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Catfight! Nasty Drunk Ashlee Simpson Lashes Out At Michelle Trachtenberg While Humping Husband 04.Jun.2009

Jealous much? Wow, bitch has got some issues. Apparently she can't hold her liquor either ... but she never could. All those trips to the ER for "exhaustion".

Ashlee and Pete went to some video game premiere in LA and bumped into Michelle Trachtenberg, Pete's ex-girlfriend, who was there with some other guy. Things started out civilly enough, but once Ashlee started getting her drink on, things got downright ugly. She went from showing off baby pictures to grinding on her husband while screaming at Michelle, "I hope you know, the whole time you were dating Pete, I was [bleep]ing him!" Poor Pete was said to look mortified by his wife's trashy outburst. He thought she saved that stuff for dress-up night.

For somebody who seems to have settled down into a nice family life, Ashlee sure seems insecure. Maybe she's worried about Pete's alleged wandering eye. (I always thought he would be comfortable playing for either team.) Or maybe she's remembering the days when he wouldn't even admit to knowing her. Back then she was the bigger star. My, my, how the tables have turned. She'd be flipping burgers and ropin' calves back home without him.