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Was Rihanna Pregnant When Chris Brown Beat Her Up? Did He Know? Will She Take Him Back? 26.Feb.2009

Stay well, and stay away from himSounds crazy, I know, but in many cases of domestic violence the victim does take her abuser back. He'll show extreme remorse, send her flowers, go to anger management classes, beg her forgiveness ... and she'll take him back. He'll be on his best behavior for a few weeks, a month or so, and then something will set him off and the cycle repeats.

Is that what's happening with Rihanna and Chris? There have been several stories floating around that she is in contact with him, and that she still loves him. Of course she does. She's a 21-year-old girl. He's her first love. And she may be/have been carrying his baby.

Sister rags The National Enquirer and Star are both reporting this week that Riri was pregnant on that fateful night. Enquirer even speculates that being told he was about to become a father was what set him off, while Star says she didn't get a chance to tell him before he pummeled her to a pulp.

I hope none of these stories are true. I would hope that Rihanna's friends and family are keeping a close watch on her and making sure he can't get to her. Taking Chris back after all that happened not only could cost her her life, it would be career suicide as well. She just needs to put it all behind her and move on. He'll be just fine. Guys like that always are.