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Like Omigod, Can You Believe They Gave The Blohan Back Her License? 09.Feb.2009

Let's go for a ride. Where's my water bottle? Aw, she'll be OK as long as she doesn't let Sam ride shotgun. Bad things happen when Sam is co-pilot. Then again, it's times like those that tabloid dreams are made of.

Yes, it's true. Lindsay's got her license back. She's also got a spiffy new Mercedes S-class. How does someone without a steady job get approved for a car like that? With almost anyone else I'd say it was a rental, but not Blohan. Nobody can piss through a wad of cash like that girl.

In addition to her new vehicle, Lindsay has also reportedly moved out of her love nest with Sam, renting a house in the neighborhood for a ridiculous amount of money. Again, where is it coming from?

Regardless of where it's coming from, we know one place it's not going: the fridge. Lindsay hasn't eaten a solid meal since like November. All the artificial curves in the world can't hide the damage those little pick-me-ups are doing to her body. She's like a walking cesspool.