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Zac Ephron Knows He's Prettier Than Vanessa Hudgens, Begins Secretly Wearing Her Undergarments 27.Nov.2007

You make me sickOK, maybe not the bra, but he's just wild about those sexy little panties - they don't bunch up on the elliptical machine like his briefs do!

But pretty little Zac is still bitter. He thought he'd finally gotten rid of the smug little bitch when he leaked the nudie pics to the web. But no, the House of the Mouse kept her on. Now he's stuck walking around town with the smelly little trollop for at least another six months ... and with the Writers' Guild strike, it could be years before he's finally free.

Zac's not giving up just yet, though. He knows better things await him. Why, just yesterday, Klaus the power lifter offered to spot him on the stair climber. When Zac felt Klaus moving behind him, so powerful and yet so clean, he knew he'd finally found home. I hope wardrobe is building him an extra big closet for HSM3 - he's going to need it.