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Kirstie Alley Demonstrates How She Gained All That Weight Back 11.May.2009

Watch it, missy. I'll stomp your guts outIt's simple: She grazed. At the deli counter. At the buffet bar. At the all-you-can-eat pig roast, dessert free when you bring a hot young milkmaid.

OK, maybe that's not really Kirstie grazing on the north forty with an unknown blond handler. She's a Scientologist, and they don't let their handlers be photographed with them.

Speaking of Scientology, I thought the "church" could help its members with anything: drug addiction, depression, autism ... was Kirstie spiking her barley milk with double mocha lattes? And a pint of cookie dough ice cream? Damn, she really ballooned up this time.

Will Kirstie join up with Jenny Craig again to try losing the weight or has she given up the fight? I hope for her sake that she does at least try to get down to a healthy weight. All that extra extra has to be wreaking havoc on her body, and she's not exactly a kid anymore. How will she ever get on Dancing With the Stars like this? Seriously, the woman is talented. It's a shame she hates herself so much that she wants to make herself so unattractive and unemployable.