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Where Has Mandy Moore Been Hiding? She Never Misses Fashion Week 11.Sep.2008

Soon to appear on milk carton? I know, I know. I really didn't notice she was missing either, but a titillating new blind from CDAN made me realize we haven't seen her for at least a month now. According to her Wiki page she was last spotted at one of those UFC beat-athons - apparently she's a big fan. Who'd have thunk it? Maybe she's just taking a break ... or maybe there's something more sinister, more shocking unfolding behind the manicured hedges of some exclusive, ultra-chic facility.

According to writer-in-arms EL, "One of the more noticeable absences from Fashion Week is this former B list pop singer and now sometimes actress who used to be a mainstay at fashion shows around the world. Seems she has been missing, not because of money issues, but because she has been spending time in rehab. Yes, someone you never thought would be in rehab."

Hmmm. Mandy sure fits the bill as far as being a Fashion Week regular and she's one of the last people you'd think had a substance abuse problem. She's been quoted numerous times saying she never has and never will use alcohol or drugs, so what changed? Well, she was spotted with a new guy recently; hopefully she's just taking a break from work to hang out with him.