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Was It Something In The Water? Some Of The Girls At The Hamptons Social Sure Looked ... Alert 13.Aug.2007

Ashley looks like she wants to rip someone's throat out, while good ol' Lizzie Grubman, leathery little cavegirl-looking PR queen, still may not be able to sleep.

So ... grind, grind ... happy to be here Maybe it was the entertainment. Do you know the legendary James Taylor was playing at the Ross School that night? My God, how did they stay in their seats?

Either way, it's great to see the outpouring of celebrity support at the Hamptons Social events, whose proceeds benefit the Ross School of East Hampton. Because we all know that private schools in wealthy enclaves like the Hamptons need lots of support, not unlike sending inner city kids to the country on their summer break.

Earlier this summer, the concert series was kicked off with a performance from none other than Prince, that purple-wearing funkster. Unfortunately, the Hamptons crowd didn't quite "get" the Purple One, and he didn't partake in the after-show festivities with the general public. I'm sure the original JT went over much better with the country club elite.