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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in keeping with popular trends 03.Dec.2013

With Christmas fast approching it appears as though an explosive cocktail of passion is being enjoyed throughout households all over Britain, with post party fun, more time off work and the obvious drawer to romance around this time of year being the main contributing factors.

Just last week it was confirmed that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield gave out sex toys at The Morning’s 25th birthday party and the TV stars seem to have set a trend as the number of sex toys being given as gifts between friends looks set to triple this Christmas, compared to just twelve months ago.

Britain’s longest running sex toys specialist Magic Moments provide a saucy insight into what’s making its way into adult play this year when the lights go out.

A recent poll conducted by the still going strong enterprise indicated that a staggering 84% of men look set to buy their other halves something naughty and nice this Christmas, with exotic lingerie, bondage gear and luxury love toys set to make it an oh so sexy new year.  Magic Moments sex toys, who have been satisfying the needs of sex toy mad Britain since 1985 claim that an increase in the quality and variety of toys over the previous decade have left husbands’ and wives’ all over thirsty for nothing but more.

Are we seeing a growth in the sales of sex toys in the UK, or simply just a loosening of the taboo strings, making their presence simply acceptable in modern day society?  At this stage it really is too hard to tell, however, one thing is for sure, keep an eye out to what’s making it onto adults Christmas lists all over the UK and you may just be surprised.