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Bedtime At Emperor Xenu's: Prettyboring Exclusive Pics Of Katie Putting Tom To Bed 06.Dec.2007

I'm going to count to 3...Because a little man can get cranky if he doesn't get the proper rest, Katie makes sure that she gets Tom out of his elevator shoes and into his jammies before Law & Order comes on. Besides, if he can't be the special victim, then no one can.

After he brushes his teeth and pastes his cowlick down, Katie lets him stand on a milk crate and pretend to give that endless speech he gave in Germany recently. She knows if she can just keep from nodding off in the middle he'll go back to wearing his own girdle again. He keeps stretching hers out, and in all the funniest places.

Katie's got a little surprise coming for her little megalomaniac, though. She's been in touch with Andrew Morton's peeps, and expects to have her own advance copy of the tell-all book any day now. Won't that make for superb bedtime reading?