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Miley And Her Mom Practice Farm Animal Noises With Her Big New Teeth 07.Apr.2008

Hee haw, hee hawMy, little girl. What big Chiclet teeth you have! Can she even close her lips over those gigantic granny teeth? Doesn't she realize she looks like a middle-aged truckstop waitress with those big, phony-looking teeth?

But those big new choppers sure do come in handy sometimes. Just the other night Miley got tangled up in her curtains while tossing and turning. If she hadn't been able to chew her way free, she might have asphyxiated.

Her shiny new teeth also make doing her chores a breeze. Rounding up the livestock used to take hours, simply because the animals aren't big Hannah Montana fans and would just tune her out. Nowadays, she simply turns her face into the wind .... just .... so ... until her smile creates a kind of wind chime symphony. The critters are powerless to resist and just come a-runnin'. A couple of months ago Miley and her parents invited Britney to come stay with them and work on getting herself together. She doesn't know how lucky she is that she's bored in Bel Air and not grazing with the milkers on the back forty.