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Is Mandy Moore's Next Gig As Kirstie Alley's Sidekick? It's All About Portion Control. 04.Sep.2007

Won't fit in 3 months at the rate I'm going Mandy Moore was never waif-like, but I don't ever remember her as being that hefty. Nonetheless, in most of her recent pap shots, she's looking pretty beefy. Do I see some new chins forming?

Maybe it's the break-up with Zach Braff. Although I still fail to see what a pretty girl like Mandy could see in a smarmy dude with such a big nose, maybe he's one of those really funny guys, like David Spade. We girls just love a guy who can keep us in stitches - sad but true.

I still think John Mayer would have made an excellent match for Mandy, but they're supposedly just friends. John also is said to be the one who introduced Mandy to the imaginary boyfriend she keeps in the secret zipper compartment of her make-up bag. No, seriously, he's not imaginary, but he is extraordinarily discreet. He also apparently loves his girl just the way she is, which is a nice change of pace in Hollywood. She definitely seems much happier than when she was with Zach.