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Serial Miller Puts The Ho In Holiday, But Not For The Getty Children 30.Nov.2008

That's one smug bitchWhat is UP with Sienna and her obsession with Balthazar Getty? He's not that good looking. Does he have a really big tool? Oh, wait. He is a really big tool. Anybody who would ditch his four young children for a very public reunion with his oh-so-slutty side piece on a holiday that's all about family is more than just a tool. Here in New York we call that a piece of shit.

Sienna is a pretty girl. Why she would fall for such a selfish, thoughtless slug is beyond me. She must have cataclysmically low self-esteem. Does she find it romantic that he would desert his wife and children to be with her again? He's only after one thing, and once he wears that one out he'll just move on.

This girl needs to wake up. He's already ruined her socially and is turning her into a pariah professionally. Her last movie had to be shelved indefinitely because of all the bad publicity generated by their public sexy times. Her London flat was also vandalized. What will it take for Sienna to get the message?