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Holy Burnin' Heifer! Did The Bieber Get Syphilis From Kim Kardashian? 14.Jun.2010

Sure, he's tappin' thatNo, no, no. It was one of those bullshit rumors planted in Google Trends that has taken on a life of its own. First of all, I don't think these two are really a couple - I don't even think he's of legal age, and he certainly doesn't have the experience to handle all that. She, on the other hand, could pulverize him with a twitch of her hips ... and she knows it.

Justin and the current skinniest Kardashian (although she's still packing quite a bit of donk in her badonka) met a few months ago and fell in like with each other. She kids around about him being her new secret boyfriend, and he just ogles her rack. Hey, he's a teenage boy and she's got killer curves; it would be odd if he didn't squirm when she's around. In the meantime, though, Kim should be careful: there are about 80 million Bieber babes who would love to skin her alive just for getting too close to their beloved.