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Oprah Wants To Interview Britney: Will She Lip-synch? 07.Dec.2008

At the Bambi AwardsAnd because Britney really isn't comfortable performing in front of crowds, she's proposing a more intimate one-on-one setting, a la Barbara Walters.

Will it happen? I can't imagine Papa Spears allowing anyone, even the Great Oprah, unfettered access to his fragile little moneymaker. Camp Spears will probably request a list of questions to be asked, and certain times and events will probably be kept off-limits. After all, she's barely functional now. They want to at least get this world tour in before she either runs away or has another meltdown.

One thing's for sure: she can't go on like this forever. She's miserable, chafing under Daddy's tight leash, aching for a little fun and freedom. She wants to be loved again. She wants to laugh a little. She wants to drive around aimlessly again. And more than anything, she wants to take off that bra. She's so sick of having her funbags stuffed up under her chin like that - it's so much easier when they're down around the hips.