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Trashy Little Tramp Miley Cyrus Advocates Underage Sex, Corrupting All Within Earshot 01.May.2009

Gimme a pack of Camels and a whisky sourSometimes no matter how hard a parent tries, they can't keep their little princess from hiking her skirts and bragging to all her friends about it. Or worse, telling them it's what they should be doing, too.

Miley Cyrus has been acting out, getting her sexy on, for a while now. She makes no secret of physical bond she shares with the underwear boy but still swears she's a virgin and good Christian. I call bullshit on both counts - I heard that story about the homeless guy.

This week's National Enquirer has a feature on Miley playing Rizzo to her Sandy friends (homage to Grease), and Sandy's parents are pissed. You would be too if she was telling your daughter to forget what her parents say, latch onto the first guy you come across and be ready to put out or face a lifetime of rejection and solitude. Well, I don't think she put it quite that way, but you get the drift. Kaiser over at Celebitchy thinks that it's Billy Ray's influence, but my money's on the mother. Any woman who would let her husband walk around looking like that is obviously not quite right.