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Why, Mrs. Affleck, Is That A Kobe Special On Your Finger? Garner Sports 7-karat Ring 05.Dec.2009

Photo & Source via CelebitchyVery interesting. Unlike the first Jennifer (Lopez, that is), Jennifer Garner is not one to flaunt her wealth. The only time you see her decked in diamonds is for major red carpet, like the Oscars. So why was she sporting that huge rock on her finger? Has Ben been a bad boy?

We know Ben likes to gamble, and he do love those strippers. As a matter of fact, I think it was a bawdy trip to the titty bar that ended the whole Bennifer debacle. He seems to have learned to keep a low profile since marrying Jennifer Garner, although you have to wonder. Tigers don't change their stripes, as the one named Woods has proved in recent days. He's been doggin' it all along - has Affleck been doing the same?