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Mel Gibson And The Russian Ox: There's One Guy Who Wishes He Kept It In His Pants 21.May.2009

Yeah, isn't it great? Hey, maybe he's not as upset as he looks. But he definitely doesn't look as happy as Oksana - she looks like she just won the Powerball.

You'd think a guy who has like seven or eight (dozen? ) kids would know how to keep his swimmers from heading upstream, but here Mel is, about to be a papa again. Was it really an accident? Maybe, but I just don't know. It's not just Oksana who looks thrilled to be knocked up; even her mother is raving about her daughter's excellent catch.

Will it last? It's hard to say, but I know one crafty Russian and impending child who'll be staying on easy street for a long time, if not forever. Too bad the little one will probably never get to know his or her older siblings.