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Coming Soon For Your Pimp Hand: The Pam And Scum Show. Even The Dog Knows The Deal. 12.Dec.2007

Thanks to D-Listed for the great picYes, I know dogs can't talk, but this one must have gone to school with Lassie, because we all know what she means. It looks like she might have stumbled upon Pam and Rick gettin' a little oral resuscitation, if you know what I mean. Looks like Pam doesn't swallow.

VH-1, in its attempt to capture the 35-to-50 loser living in mom's basement crowd, is said to be developing a reality show for the screwlyweds. Kind of a best-of sex videos with long-haired little boys thrown in, the Pam and Scum Show (probably not the real name, but it works) will feature the couple dealing with the daily grind ... ah, never mind. That would be too easy.

While Pam and Scum seem to be a bleary-eyed mess most of the time, I think watching them puddle around their ankles would be immensely more enjoyable than The Hills or Hogan Knows Best. Despite her reputation (not undeserved) for being a brainless bimbo, Pammie can actually be pretty funny. That Scum, though, I'm not sure about. He always looks tweaked to the gills. Maybe he's got a thyroid problem. Or maybe he's where the Valtrex trail starts.