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Back To Butter: While The Maniston's Away, John Mayer Goes Out To Play 27.Nov.2008

I'm ready for my upskirt!Like we didn't see this coming. Ever since he conned Jen into taking him back she's been saying he's a changed man, that his days of courting the paps were behind him. While we all kinda shook our heads, wondering how she could fall for that, everyone figured he'd show his true colors soon enough.

Like clockwork, John popped up in Manhattan last night. It was just like the post-Jessica days all over again, those hot summer nights when John and his entourage of paparazzi would converge on NYC hotspot Butter for a little drink, a little dance, a little sausage in his pants. He was a tabloid darling, and his swarthy little consort never kissed and told. It was a match made in heaven, but the Butter boy was broke. John knew he would never do. He set his sights higher and found a real man. Maniston, that is.

Life with Jen might be dull, but it would sure be comfortable. John wouldn't have to pretend to have a career anymore. All he had to do was keep his big mouth shut. But he couldn't. And still can't. If she hasn't dumped him yet, she will soon. He's broken the rules, and he must be punished. Otherwise it sets a bad example for the rest of the hired help.