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Mel Gibson's Mysterious Car Crash: Did A Certain Crazy Russian Somebody Cut The Brake Lines? 16.Aug.2010

Perhaps a real man should hire a driverMaybe it was because Mel's been out of the country avoiding depositions and forgot which side of the road to drive on. ("Eenie, meanie, aww, f**k it, I'll just hit the rock wall.") Maybe a poor little baby deer stumbled out in front of his Maserati and he swerved to avoid it. Or hey, maybe Mad Mel was in his cups again. Sugar tits, anyone?

No one, Mel included, seems to know what caused him to veer off the road and into a rock wall, but he did. He called the cops and they questioned him, so I guess he wasn't drunk since he's not in the pokey, but they're no closer to finding the cause of the crash than they were when they arrived. Gibson claims he doesn't know what caused him to leave the road. He denies being on a cell phone (and really, who would take his call at this point? ), but interestingly enough, when asked if he might have dozed off, he refused to give a straight answer. Hmmm, Ambien anyone?

Whether it was Bambi, Ambien or a hairy Kardashian, the fact remains that somehow an allegedly sober man in his right mind somehow lost control of a precision performance luxury sedan, a car capable of taking a hairpin turn at 90 ... and no one knows why. I think there's more to this little incident than meets the eye. With all of Gibson's shit-talking, though, if it was sabotage, it could be anyone. Except for the nanny who just passed, that is. And she's lucky to be out of the whole mess. This shit could drag on for years.