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Chris Brown Is Over Rihanna, But Who Did He Spear And Why Is He Calling Him A Fag? 24.Nov.2010

Will you call me? When will I see you again? This is all very odd. Not so much the situation: It wouldn't be the first time a celebrity was accused of batting for the other team every now and then. And the way the alleged "con-spear-ator" works it into facts already established makes it even more plausible. But who is Jasper, and why is it so important to him that we all know he slept with Chris Brown?

Queerty would like us to meet Jasper, a dude who has been getting a lot of attention for implying he's had sex with Chris Brown, in three-ways and one-on-one. He even claims that it was his texts (sexts? ) to Chris that sparked the brawl that landed Rihanna in the hospital and Chris with criminal charges for beating her. But when pressed for details, Jasper says he won't tell because what happened between him and Chris is their business. Then why bring it up?

Whateverthemonetarymotivationbrothermustbebroke, Jasper bolstered his claims of intimacy with a picture that really proves nothing. Chris is standing there, looking out into space as he pulls his shirt on while behind him, his shy companion appears to be dressing, too. Riveting. Footage. All this would probably just die down on its own except for Brown's vicious Twitter response, which starts out with "What's yo f**king problem? Keep my name out of yo mouth fag" and ends with "N*gga wtf eva man you got speared a few times and you acting like a n*gga proposed". Speared? Proposed? Fag? !? This is the guy the judge praised so highly just last week. Sounds like whatever team Chris Brown is batting for is gonna take a beating.