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John Mccain Enjoys A Moment Of Repose Before Election Day 03.Nov.2008

The candidate in a rare unguarded momentAnd you thought he was a crazy warmongering old coot! He's just a pretty little butterfly floating on the breeze. (Or cooling his nuts on a grassy knoll, depending on your perspective.)

In about 24 more hours, it will all be over. No more debates. No more cheesy publicity shots. And best of all, no more Sexy Palin running amok and stealing the show. He can't wait to ship that uppity bitch back to the tundra - without all the fancy new clothes. Those have to go back to Neiman before the ten-day return policy expires.

And Grampy? You won't find him at a mall any time soon. He's traded in his wingtips for the glittered set pictured here. Look for him in a mountain meadow somewhere near you, enjoying his golden years with the crypt keeper.

Of course the polls could all be wrong and Grampy could end up the next POTUS after all. Don't forget to rock the vote, kids!