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Oh Yeah. Like We Didn't Know This Was Happening. 15.May.2008

Blake and PennAs everyone in America predicted, including blind people. it turns out Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are an item. managed to catch the attractive pair canoodling up the wazoo in Cancun on a short retreat. They tried to tell us they weren't dating but we figured they were lying when they were spotted by hundreds of people making out in clubs. Blake, in her very fast climb to stardom, has decided that she is an extremely private person and people shouldn't be interested in her life just because she is on the show of the moment. She often gets very snappy with reporters if they ask her anything at all and actually questioned the classiness of New York Magazine (how dare she! That magazine is my mecca.) Well I guess they caught you B. Cancun isn't exactly the most private place on earth.