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Kate Moss: Baby Bump Or Coke Bloat? I Hope It's Not Both 17.Feb.2009

Is she or isn't she? As hard as this woman parties I'd think the last thing she'd want to do is have to dry out for the better part of a year. It would put such a crimp in her lifestyle, and the timing might not be ideal: If Kate takes a break now she may never regain her earning power. She's at the top of her game now; why not ride it out a little longer and then retire gracefully?

There's no denying that Kate does look like she's put on a few pounds - she'll even admit as much, although she claims it's strictly weight gain "in all the right places" (read: boobs). She's even considering wearing a bra for the first time in her life.

But she swears she isn't pregnant, and I hope she's telling the truth. News of the World doesn't seem to believe her, though. They peg her at three months along and swelling nicely. They're not often right though, so I'm not just taking their word for it. I wonder what her Killer thinks of all this.