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Jennifer Aniston Grabs A Little Tail At Tiff. Gerry Must Be Walking The Dog Again 11.Sep.2008

Another desperate attention ployHow do you spell desperate? Here at PrettyBoring, we spell it M-A-N-I-S-T-O-N. How else to describe a woman who pays pretty boys to hang with her but settles for paunchy drinkers with diplomacy issues? There are plenty of women in Hollywood who sleep around, but few that play the pity card with such boring monotony.

Could it be because she's got nothing else going for her? Other than Friends her career has been a long string of disappointments and outright failures. Maybe that's why she tends to fall for banged-up guys like Vince Vaughn, and now Gerard Butler. It's like she and Cameron Diaz swapped sexies.

Gerard, a rugged, hunky Scotsman who claims he gave up practicing law because it made him a drunk, is not always a nice guy. When he and Cameron were rumored to be involved, he made a nasty allusion that probably gave more insight into his true personality than anything else he's ever said.

When asked if he was boffing Cammie the Sea Creature because they were spotted together, Butler snarled, "If I take a dog for a walk, apparently I'm f? king my dog!" Niiice. For her sake, I hope he's hung like Mayer. For his sake, I hope he's got maximum strength protection - that baby clock is ticking doubletime these days.