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Sienna Miller's Kitty Digitally Altered For Hippie Hippie Shake: This Is Nsfw 24.Jul.2008

Now that's a growler!... if you work at an animal shelter or pet store. But what they really did to Sienna's kitty is just kinda creepy. That line about being historically correct is horseshit: The landing strip is not something new. If they left the original carpeting in the naked shot they simply had to have, I doubt anyone would have noticed. Seeing Sienna naked, after all, is hardly anything new.

But I guess because she thinks she's Someone she feels she can throw her weight around and blow a hissy fit any time the paps catch her little boy tits exposed ... which seems to be quarterly. Frontless, backless, tactless, it's all the same to this pretty little bitch with neither heart nor conscience.

And now she's stateside. Having alienated every single friend she had in London when she dumped Rhys Ifans, she's said to be looking for a new home in the LA area. It won't be long before she gets bored with Balthazar Getty, even if he is worth a gazillion dollars. She's a big star now, or so she thinks. She has yet to have a box office smash like real actresses like Reese Witherspoon or Julia Roberts. She's just another trashy little tart who has confused tabloid success with real achievement. Let's see where she is in five years - and what she looks like.