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Watch Out, Scarjo! Blake Lively Is Out To Steal Your Husband With Her Boobies! 24.Jul.2010

Could you PLEASE put those things away for a while? Poor guy. He doesn't know where to look. The little strumpet is thrusting her almost naked titties out so far it's a miracle she doesn't throw her back out. She's loving the attention, but she's loving the effect they're having on her married co-star, Ryan Reynolds. I can see the similarities between Blake and Scarlett: both blond, both top-heavy, both very full of themselves. Kinda like Reynolds himself.

Anywhothehelldothesepeoplethinktheyareanyway, Ryan and his nubile young co-star Blake Lively hit ComicCon to promote their upcoming film, The Green Lantern. Methinks Ms. Lively's ensemble was horribly inappropriate, and most definitely for Ryan's benefit/discomfort. He has to know his wife will see these pictures and pitch a legendary bitch.

But is anything really going on? It's hard to say, but this picture made me think of a recent blind over at Blind Gossip: "Not everyone can take a week or two off for summer vacation. Some working folks are just doing a weekend getaway. With an attractive young companion. Who isn? t their spouse. While this dark-haired film actor is telling his wife he? s working this weekend, he will actually be accompanying this fair-haired young actress to a private resort for three days of sweaty exercise and dips in the infinity pool." Oh boy. Somebody may have some 'splainin' to do.