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Faced With The Loss Of Her Trust Fund, Crazy Courtenay Semel Checks Into Rehab 27.Mar.2009

It was all downhill from thereAnd not a moment too soon. The only thing saving her from a criminal record and almost certain jail time was the fact that her dad founded Yahoo. Courtenay was out of control a long time ago. Since her brief but oh-so-public fling with the Blohan she's beaten up security guards, sexed up the cheapest skank in Hollywood, set the Band-Aid chick's hair on fire, and beaten up countless innocent bystanders.

In addition being generally batshit crazy Courtenay is also a raging substance abuser. It was literally the fuel for her fire. With an almost bottomless trust fund to ... er, blow, Courtenay was like a force of nature. And then Daddy cut her off.

I guess she had a few brain cells left, because Courtenay surprised us all. Unlike other druggie trust fund babies who get cut off and live by bouncing checks and stealing from friends, Semel checked herself into rehab. Friends say she wants to save her relationship with her family, which only makes sense since her family supports her. I hope for her sake and for our safety she makes it work.