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Before The Body Gets Cold, Serial Miller Strikes Again. No Penis Is Safe 21.Nov.2008

At least he's singlePerhaps I should have said "before the booty gets cold". Girlfriend wastes no time.

Mischa Barton, eat your saggy flabby heart out. The bat-faced one tried to latch on to Josh Hartnett a couple months back, but he ran for his life. Either he stopped to catch his breath or he runs like a little girl, because the minute he stopped moving, Sienna Miller, fresh off her transatlantic walk of shame home from LA, glommed onto that like a D-lister to an open bar. The London Paper reports that the two enjoyed a secret date and that sparks were flying between them.

"They definitely looked like a couple - and a good looking one at that! At one point, they were holding hands across the table, but they quickly hid them underneath." Uh, they weren't holding hands under there. She was working off her bar tab.

Has this guy been living under a rock or is he just looking for a quick easy piece? Josh has been linked to so many women, from Helena Christensen to Rihanna to Scarlett Johansson ... hmmm. Maybe they have more in common than we realized. Sluts of a feather flock together, I guess.