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Naomi Campbell Aims Right Nipple At United Nations Delegates To Protest Unfair Travel Restrictions 23.Apr.2008

Look at it. See how gentle it is? It is harmless.Security at UN Headquarters is well-informed of Naomi's violent tendencies. They're hoping to draw her out into the open for a clear shot - from a tranquilizer dart. Unfortunately for those around her, Campbell moves extraordinarily quickly for someone with a big giant lolly head and 6 inch stiletto heels. Most of her entourage know that if they screw up they have just seconds to get a head start. The ones in the news were just the ones who didn't get away. If she's been arrested for beating three, that means she beat another 23 ... and got away with it.

Imagine the terror: The 8 foot tall supermodel screaming out her war cry as she pummels you about the head and neck and amputates your toes, one by one, with her heels. With the heightened security measures at international airports these days, it's really no small wonder Naomi got herself in trouble. Like most super-famous people these days, though, she's so far removed from reality that she just doesn't get it. Nipples are so yesterday.