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Major Trouble: Jon & Kate Will Litigate, But It's Not Who You Think 18.Nov.2009

Together barely long enough to learn eachother's namesEveryone in Jon Gosselin's world has turned against him. Almost everyone he knows is either suing him or will testify against him in the upcoming breach of contract suit against TLC. He's going to owe them money. Couldn't happen to a nicer piece of shit.

In addition to being sued by TLC and the mother of his children, n can also look forward to another breach of contract suit, this time by none other than Kate Major, the tabloid reporter who gave up her career for him. Turns out she wasn't just in it for the dick: Radar Online says that Jon and Kate drew up a handwritten contract for her as his assistant. After their weekend of hotel loving, though, he went back to Hailey and Kate was left out in the cold. She very well may still be jobless - but she held on to that contract.

Also jobless for the foreseeable future is Jon, who unfortunately hasn't figured out yet that his time in the spotlight has come and gone. He better find another career soon - he's gonna have a lot of bills to pay.