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Trump's Advice To Carrie Prejean: Just Do The Porn Already. You Know You Want To 19.Nov.2009

Rockin' the O faceLeave it to the Donald to slap a bitch down who needs a good slappin'. Say what you want about him (he doesn't give a shit), but he's a good businessman. No matter how bad it gets, the Donald always comes out smelling like a rose.

Not so for Carrie Prejean. Every time she opens her mouth she steps in it, and all her little fibs are coming back to bite her in the ass. Nobody will hire her. Nobody will believe her. For what it's worth, nobody will watch her masturbate, either, but people are willing to shell out big bucks for it, and it's probably the best option available to make some money. At least that's what the Donald says, and I think he's right. Just look at what the sex tape has done for Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson. It made them stinking rich, people. We're talking millions.

I doubt that many people want to see this self-righteous, homophobic little twit diddling herself, but hey, if Vivid offers enough cash she might as well grab it up. It could be the last paycheck she sees for a while.