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Can You Fit 8 More Babies On This Beanbag? I Didn't Think So 26.Feb.2009

Like Susan Powter used to say, "STOP THE INSANITY!" I'm sick of hearing about this wacko bitch and her compulsive childbearing. She's worn her parents down to the ground. She lied about both multiple pregnancies to her mother and then makes her take care of all the kids. Her parents are losing their house and she's out buying video games and getting manicures. This bitch is nuts and is not fit to raise any children.

The other day Dr. Phil talked about Octomom's "Pollyanna" complex or some other disconnect with reality. Wow. Ya think? What I can't understand is how she's been allowed to go on like this. Any doctor I've ever been to would be calling the men with the butterfly nets if a patient insisted on carrying 8 babies to term, especially if there were already 6 more at home.

Octomom had an agenda. She thinks she can just have a big mess of babies and live off the public assistance she receives, maybe get rich writing a book or getting a reality show. Stupid bitch. These kids don't deserve such a life. And for what it's worth, it doesn't look like anyone much cares what she has to say. The only offer coming in is for porn. Vivid Entertainment is offering her $1 million and one year's insurance for all the babies if she'll star in one of their features. They shouldn't have bothered. If her back end is as busted up as her face it might put them out of business.