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White Linen, Haute Cuisine And Foot-long Lashes: Beyonce Is Getting Too Big For Her Britches 21.Sep.2007

Talk about an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Beyonce's crazy mommy has taught her well.

You know I'm better than youI've never been a big Beyonce fan. She's always seemed a bit too full of herself, and the latest reports of her backstage diva antics only reinforce that impression.

Star magazine is reporting that Beyonce is rude, demanding and demeaning to venue workers. She and her crew dine on the finest haute cuisine while venue workers have to settle for a Subway sandwich and an apple (that sounds like grade school, but whatever). They say Beyonce insists on having a white linen-like fabric draped over everything, and that workers outside her immediate circle have to duck and hide when they see her coming as they are forbidden to so much as look at her.

As much as I dislike Beyonce, this all seems a bit far-fetched. At least she actually sings at her concerts. That's more than a lot of her contemporaries can claim. Now if she could just get Jay-Z to make her an honest woman while she's still in her child-bearing years.