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Hot Ginger Love! Prince Harry Back From Afghanistan, Full Of Praise For The Real Heroes 02.Mar.2008

Prince HarryI used to always think that William was the hotter Prince, but there's just something about that ruddy little redhead, Harry. He looks like such an adorable rascal.

Prince Harry was recently serving in Afghanistan, fighting on the front lines against the Taliban, when media reports of his whereabouts forced him to return before the rest of his regiment for his safety. This was a disappointing turn of events for Harry, who is fourth in line for the throne and may never ascend but nonetheless has to be protected as an heir.

Ever gracious, Harry put the kibosh on press reports calling him a hero for serving, saying "The bravery of the guys out there was humbling. I wouldn't say I'm a hero. I'm no more a hero than anyone else. If you think about it there are thousands and thousands of troops out there." His family, and country, must be very proud.