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Demi Moore Is Going To Beat Cameron Diaz To A Pulp When She Sees This. 19.Sep.2007

Demi must be thinking, "I just spent half a million on plastic surgery to keep him from getting too chummy with Rumer ... and now this? !? "

That ass isn't yours, Cami.You'd think she would have learned after Melanie Griffith hopped a transatlantic flight to keep her away from Antonio. Or that maybe being branded a homewrecker by Criss Angel's estranged wife would make her stop and think for a minute. But, no. Maybe she thinks it's sexy to get married men all worked up. Or maybe she thinks her big man hands will fool him into thinking it was that pesky intern again.

What really bugs me about this photo is the fact that Aston is hanging out with a little girl, having some innocent fun. How does he explain getting goosed to a nine-year-old? As an Other Dad, Ashton knows this behavior is totally inappropriate around children, but such consideration evades someone as barren and self-centered as Cameron. How very shameful indeed.