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Nine Lives (lies) Used Up? Elin Finally Walks Out On Tiger 07.Dec.2009

Seen your 9 iron lately? Well, it's about f**king time, woman. I think the ho count is up to ten - that's roughly one affair for each year of their marriage. That also probably means there's another ten or so who've had a ride on the Tiger and chose not to tell the tale.

Radar Online is reporting that Elin has left the marital home and is living in a home somewhere nearby. I guess finding out her husband banged (at least) two cocktail waitresses in the bed she slept in kind of ruined it for her. You know it's bad when not even $80 million is enough to make you stay. Is it for good, or just to let the smoke clear? I think she's crazy if she goes back to him after the way he betrayed and disrespected her.

One thing no one's talking about, at least as far as I could find: Who's got the kids? My money's on Elin, who's got lots of evidence to show her goody-two-shoes husband was nothing but a lying, cheating piece of shit. Besides, she might still have that club lying around.