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Uncle Karl Goes See-through With Different Results Than Lindsay 11.Oct.2008

It's just not the sameWell, you can't see Uncle Karl's pert little nipples or fleshy man boobs, but you can see the impudent swell of his well-fed tummy. Bon appetit, mon oncle!

Karl Lagerfeld has always been a trendsetter, not a follower, so it is puzzling to see him in a sheer black shirt a la Blohan. (And yes, that name still fits. Believe.) Did he forget to wear a corset? He usually looks so trim ... maybe he's been carb-loading again. He gets so moody the week before.

What's Lindsay's excuse for running around in a see-through blouse and no bra? Well, she needs a job. Word is Samantha is getting uptight about her compulsive spending. Then again, I've never seen her wear a bra. Ever. Pretty soon those things are going to be bouncing off her knees when she walks, but I'm sure she'll remain unfettered. And unemployed, probably. Think Ma will float her a loan until her next role? I think she'd probably wear a bra before that happened.