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Disgraceful Attention Whore Rachel Uchitel Trots Out Dead 9/11 Fiance Drama For Dr. Drew, Will Surely Burn In Hell Now 01.Sep.2010

Oh, look! She's in her favorite position!I mean, how could she not? She got a little taste of fame when her fiance died in the World Trade Center attack, and she took to it like a cracky to the stem. She was a mousy little blond then; she got her boobs done, her lips inflated, etc., etc., and then set out to starf**k her way to the top. Gotta hand it to her, too - she did better than most. David Boreanaz, Tiger Woods, and God knows how many other wealthy married men were chewed up and spit out in her quest. Yes, that's right, Rachel. God knows, and yes, you will burn.

Tiger knew what she was all about. That's why his $10 million settlement came with a gag order prohibiting her from talking about him at all. She can't even mention his name or risk having to give it all back, and let's face it, this is a bitch who gives nothing back. Her dead fiance's family could tell you that.

So for this piece of shit attention whore to show up at Ground Zero, sacred to all New Yorkers, with Dr.-F**king-Drew and a camera crew to film a spot where she reads a letter to her lost love and gets all emotional for the cameras ... bitch, PLEASE. That's sacrilege, like filming porn in the vestibule of St. Patrick's, to those of us who lived through that terrible, terrible time. So, yes, Rachel, you will burn in hell for what you've done. I only wish I could be there to light the wick and hand out the marshmallows. Shameless, disgraceful, soulless bitch.