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And The Oscars Are On!! Mickey Rourke Already Made Me Cry And I Think I Now Also Have A Crush On The Jonas Brothers. 22.Feb.2009

OscarsAnd the 5-hour Oscar night has started with Barbara Walters Oscar special. She tried to make the fact that Nick Jonas has diabetes way more dramatic than it was because those boys are too smart to dish on silly Miley Cyrus and whiny Taylor Swift. And then when she got Mickey Rourke to talk about why he thanked his dogs in his Golden Globes speech I almost cried since his beloved Lochi died this week. I am actually routing for Sean Penn but if he wins it would be great. As for my predictions I am thinking: Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire Best Actress: Kate Winslet Best Actor: Mickey Rourke Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger.

We will just have to see!!