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Guy Ritchie Is The 76 Million Dollar Man, But Who Will Get The Boys? 16.Dec.2008

Not a gold digger, just a good daddyThat's the real question. Who really cares how much Madge has to pay Britain's most deliriously happy man (he still hasn't stopped smiling, and it's been weeks)? At the very most it's still only a fraction of her net worth. And it's not like he needs it - Guy was already a wealthy man when they married. Now he's just wealthier.

But will he also be lonelier? Madonna is not staying in the UK. She's made it clear that she plans to return to New York. What will that mean for the adorable Rocco and little David Banda? While Lourdes was born in New York and still has a close relationship with her father, Carlos Leon, the boys have always lived in London. Rocco, in particular, is a little Englishman through and through. And he's at a very impressionable age.

I think Rocco and David should be allowed to live with Dad most of the time. When they're with Mom they spend more time with the nannies anyway, and she'll probably be too busy keeping her D-list A-Rod tethered to her bed to be bothered with the little things like parenting and nurturing.