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This Is Crazy, Part I: Meet The 13-year-old Daddy 13.Feb.2009

Alfie, Chantelle & MaisieHis name is Alfie Patten. And he is 13, although he looks more like 8 or 9. He and his 15-year-old girlfriend, Chantelle, are the proud yet clueless parents of little Maisie Roxanne, who was born earlier this week. Alfie and Chantelle claim they had just one night of unprotected sex. In fact, Alfie said it was his first time.

Both the products of large families on public assistance, it's hardly surprising that the two thought nothing of having the baby themselves. Nor is it surprising that their parents kinda went along with it. Chantelle and Maisie now live with her parents and five brothers in government-subsidized housing. Alfie spends most of his time there as well, and even makes sure to bring a fresh uniform for school the next day.

My heart goes out to these kids, especially poor Alfie, who seems so serious and dedicated to his new family. I hope he stays in school and grows up to be a good father to Maisie. It's kinda sad that this little boy became a dad before his first shave.