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Prettyboring Exclusive: What Gerard Butler Really Thinks Of Dating Jennifer Aniston 19.May.2009

You want me to WHAT? !? EWWW!!!That is not his dog-walking face. That's his I can't believe I stepped in that face. It's like he can feel the poison burning its way into him.

But fear not for the hunky Scotsman. He may be a little rough around the edges, but he's no caveman. This beefcake has a brain, and that brain told him to stay away from Jennifer Aniston when she threw herself at him recently. A man who compares his sexual conquests with walking the dog is not so easily fooled, however, and he sent her packing ... empty-handed. Unlike some of her other "romances", Gerard is doing quite well these days and has no need to rent himself out for appearance's sake.

I'm beginning to like Butler more and more. With the Clooney drinking his way into his twilight years there was a void in the sexiest man arena. I think we've just found our replacement.