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Is Corey Hart Cheating On Pink Already? She's Gonna Throw Him Such A Beating 14.Aug.2007

While we've all wondered whether Pink's gate swings both ways, I think we can be pretty safe in presuming that she doesn't like to share her husband. If the story is true, either they've already split up ... or she's going to split him in two.

Trouble already? They haven't been married that long, and their schedules leave them little time together, but I didn't think it was that bad. Yikes. According to Star magazine, Corey was all over some blond bimbo in a Hollywood club the night of August 4, while Pink was touring in Europe. The two allegedly swilled vodka while she perched on his lap, even openly necking and groping each other. At the end of the night, the two left hand-in-hand, and from the looks of things, took their little party private. Not a peep was mentioned about his wife, and onlookers just assumed they'd split up because of his shameless whoring.

For his sake, I hope that either the reports or wrong, or they really have split up. Pink strikes me as the kind of girl who keeps brass knuckles in her hip pocket. If he cheated, I hope she cleans his clock.